Jason McCarthy interviewed by C.C. Chapman.

I’m posting this again because Jason and the folks at GORUCK built some of the best gear out there today. Not only they are passionate about quality and simplicity, they have created a culture, a group of people that are some of the best out there.

Jason said in the interview:

The goal with GORUCK was to create something that is timeless. A classic. And there is no way to do that that doesn’t involve extremes amount of quality. We want something that is going to last forever and that people are going to be proud to wear. We also think that less is more, so fewer things in your life are better than just disposable everything. So, sure, you can go buy a bag for a fraction of the price, and every year you can buy a new bag for a fraction of the price; but it’s not the same. You are just disposing more things, it doesn’t work as well… You don’t care about that thing and we want to make things that you care about.

Head to GORUCK and give them a chance.