A mini GRC in Boston to help Charlotte

Mini-GORUCK Challenge Boston, February 2012

This event will be held in honor of a very brave girl, Charlotte Grimm. The event will also give the participants a little taste of what the GORUCK Challenge is like.

The main purpose for holding the event is to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and to honor Charlotte Grimm. Charlotte, the daughter of Justin, a fellow GORUCK Tough member, is a very strong and brave girl who has been battling Leukemia for 2+ years and will complete her challenge in April! Her toughness is truly amazing. The registration fee for the Mini-GRC will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

Details are not forthcoming, however here you have some details: The event is strongly based on the GORUCK Challenge. That means, team work. it’s not a race. It is a team challenge where we will have fun and where you’ll be moderately pushed physically and mentally. It is for a good cause.

The Mini-GRC will last 4 or 5 hours and I don’t expect it to be very cold, but be prepare and bring some warm clothing and a rain jacket.


  • If you have never taken the GORUCK Challenge bring a backpack with 2 bricks if you weigh less than 150 lbs. or 3 bricks if you weigh over 150 lbs. GORUCK Tough people you know the drill, bring your gear accordingly.
  • Water and a small snack if you think you’ll need one (it’s only 5 hours!)
  • $20 and an ID. The money is for the cab if you think you want to go home. However I think you’ll all finish so you can donate that money as well.

Prepare mentally to do fun things with a ruck on your back and for people to look at you with confused faces. Bring friends, the event is open to everyone. Ruckoff with beer and some food after the event.
If you have friends that are considering taking the GORUCK Challenge, please bring them. It’s a great way to see how much of a good livin this is.

Meeting point: TBD but it’s somewhere in Boston.

More information about the exact date and meeting point will be posted soon.

More details the GORUCK Challenge: http://goruckchallenge.com/faq/

To donate directly on behalf of Charlotte to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund (a donation is not required for the GRC but highly expected): http://support.childrenscancer.org/site/TR/Events/personalfundraising?pg=fund&fr_id=1140&pxfid=5070&JServSessionIdr004=9hgyz55oz4.app205a&fb_source=message