50% off Challenges and Lights! 25% off Heavies!

50% off Challenges and Lights! 25% off Heavies!


Great article from a buddy who was “ruined” by GORUCK.

Now, go sign up for one and be “ruined”.

We are always trying new ways to configure our gear. I’ve already posted about the quick recon kit with a GORUCK Bullet 10, but personally I thought that one was heavy. I simplified it a little bit.

MOVE from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.

Go out and Move!

"We all try to be busy instead of being alive, busy instead of getting out and breathing, busy sending useless texts instead of walking in the woods with our kids or introducing them to life’s joys. We move information instead of simply moving,"

Borobudur Temple, Central Java

Short trip to Central Java, the Sand Radio Ruck has kept everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Yes, why am I writting about The Challenge here?

Because it is an experience I think everyone should try. Because it’s about the team and once you realize this you become a better you. Again to quote Patrick:

If you are considering taking the Challenge yourself, this is the biggest lesson I learned and can impart. Please realize that the point of the Challenge is to show you a side of yourself you never thought possible. A side that not only has the mental and physical strength to do it, but also the compassion and sacrifice to give yourself up for others so that they may do the same for you. Because the very essence of teamwork is to help everyone else get the job done knowing and trusting that they are doing the same for everyone else and you. Only then will you see that no one gets through this Challenge (or this life) alone. And this is why we do it.

Because it is about them, The Team.

“Let’s talk about the Special Forces curse and what happens when you have a bigger ruck. You have more space so you fill more space and before you know it you got 100 lbs of the lightest weight necessities money can buy…”

Jason, 10L Hydration Bullet Ruck Explained

Which is true not only for Special Forces, but for everyone traveling light.

Packing Light Tips

We’ve posted many tips to help you pack light through the years:

And many others.
From all the posts one thing is clear, the main tip for packing light is:

"Take half of what you think you need and put it away."

I’ve been experimenting with different methods and options for packing light for a long time. Yet this simple tip still remains true. Take half of what you think you need and put it away.
You can test this during your next trip. Write down everything you are bringing. Then, at the end of the trip, cross the items you wore/used during the trip. How many items did you cross?

Having less things also forces you to really bring what’s necessary and nothing more. You can be smart about this and make sure that you combine the items you are bringing in such a way that you have options for outfits or that a single item can serve multiple purposes. For example, a nice polo shirt can be cool on the beach with a pair of shorts but also be ok on a restaurant with a pair of khakis. Instead of bringing two shirts you bring one.
Of course fabrics and styles play an important role here. Synthetic fabrics are best for all kinds of traveling, especially extended trips. You can wash them yourself in the hotel and they will be dried overnight. They are also less prone to getting wrinkled. Some brands have cotton and synthetic blends of fabric that make the garments look good yet remain easy to care for.

There are usually two problems when packing light: shoes and toiletries.
Shoes are big and hard to pack. There is no way around it. There are shoes that can be packed flattened, like the Patagonia Cardon, However most likely they will take a lot of the real state in your compact backpack. I travel a lot for business and having to bring a pair of dress shoes and a pair of everyday shoes forces me sometimes to have to travel with a bigger pack. Sure, it’s still small enough that I don’t have to check the luggage, but it is a hassle. What I discovered is that you can use the shoes as storage and you can gain some room inside the pack. For example, I pack socks, rolled tshirts or underwear inside the shoes. I can remove the Pack-It cube that I would have had for the shirts and underwear and leave it out. It’s a good way of utilizing the dead space inside the shoes.
Toiletries are another issue. People tend to bring the whole bathroom set. I settled on a simple set: deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush. The rest? I have a toiletries fund allocated for this and I buy it on my destination. I usually get the travel size stuff. Also, you can’t fly with shaving razors (unless you check the backpack, which I NEVER do), so I would have had to buy shaving razors on location anyway. So, instead of bringing a huge dopp kit, I just bring a very minimal one.

Ultimately, packing light is about being smart with what you bring and how you pack it. I really discovered that the Eagle Creek Pack-it cubes and the GORUCK Shadow Pockets really help is keeping things organized, but more importantly, they help keep the space needed to a minimum.

Lately I’ve been trying a new way of packing. Keep an eye on the blog for some pictures and first impressions.


A must see video. Why good leaders make us feel safe.
If you work on a small team you have to listen to this small presentation.

Not really about packing light, but a must see video for anyone working on a team/organization/company/life.