What do humanitarian workers pack?


Great collection of “show us your gear” posts from humanitarian workers & journalists 


#Tachaturday day trip out to Dana Peak.

LRTB- goruck 10L Bullet Ruck, Tac Hat, 1 Day IFAK, my tried and true SureFire, Cashews and Wasabi Peas, GoPro w/ blackout housing, sunscreen (SPF 70, duh), Source Hydration standard 3L bladder/hose

Pack organization.  Finding the right balance between having the right organizational elements inside your ruck without overdoing it at the price of superfluous weight is an ongoing struggle for even the most practiced.  Take a photo and submit your current setup to Pack Light.


maik524 asked:

If you'd only have one backpack that could serve for urban commuting as well as for short week travels. Which one would be? Should definitely be some waterproof and medium capacity.


GORUCK GR0 for short people like me, GR1 for taller.  I’ve lived for a week out of a GR1 easily.



All set for a 4-day Singapore, 1-day Kuala Lumpur, 5-day Padang and 3-day Jogjakarta trip.

What do I carry?

In packing cube:
1. Mission Workshop Merino Henley.
2. Kathmandu Merino V-Neck tshirt.
3. 3 quarter shorts.
4. Levi’s Commuter Chinos
5. Outlier Merino/Co Pivot shirt.
6. Outlier Merino socks x 2.
7. Underwear x 3.

Straight into Goruck GR0 bag:
1. Keen Hybrid sandal.
2. TRX Suspension trainer.
3. Kathmandu Travelling towel
4. Waterproof bag (Padang trip will involve a lot of boat rides, so I’ll keep all my important documents in it).
5. Powerbank.
6. Belt.
7. Evernote Moleskine notebook.
8. Toiletries.
9. Stationaries.

In my GR1 dope bag:

1. All cables and chargers for my electronics.

1. MacBook Pro Retina 15”.
2. iPad Mini.
3. Kindle Paperwhite.
4. Lumix underwater camera.

Everything fits into or attached to 1 bag, my Goruck GR0.

On me:

1. Mission Workshop Merino Henley.
2. Levi’s Commuter Jeans.
3. Mission Workshop Orion Jacket (it does get chilly sometimes in the aircraft).
4. Breathable waterproof socks.
5. Loafers. 

Inspired by packlite


GORUCK Sandbags Explained
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"…we build the toughest gear on the planet and we do it all right here in America. And we prove it…” -Jason

Packing light, Special Forces style.
Kit for an Army Special Forces member.

Packing organization by Arc’teryx.

“Backpacking is the art of knowing what not to take.”

Sheridan Anderson (via tamworthlyceum)


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My friend and Patagonia Ambassador Kelly Cordes with an important message.