A look at the ever-popular Altoids survival tin.

A little about one of the original Packlite guys and what gear he likes for work.


Here’s a chance to win a Kobold Phantom Tactical and at the same time donate for a good cause.

3 Days with the Madden Daylite

Just took a 3 day road trip with my new Madden Equipment Daylite. Great little 22L pack, philosophically very similar to GR0/GR1 but a little different “vibe.”

Fully packed:

Cross-section (pack-it folder, ditty bag, laptop, rain slicker, front pocket organizer, & USMC ballcap):

Pack Light. Go Faster!


How to pack light on a 6 day trip:
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GR1 Italy - 1 week trip

Hi, after almost a year of studying this and other blogs on minimalism I’m finally making my first minimal travels.
This time it’s a Trieste-Naples (Italy) 1 week travel to visit the in-laws.
We needed something nice to visit relatives and go out at night with friends, something for daytime at home when the whether is too hot and something to go out daytime.
I have only the GR1 backpack, boyfriend has only GR0.
Here’s the pics of mine.

In the yellow cube:
- 3 cotton T-shirt
- 2 cotton trousers
- 1 cotton cardigan

In the green cube:
- 2 cotton T-shirt (one for bedtime, one for daytime at home)
- 1 cotton trousers for daytime at home

In the blue bag:
- 3 pairs underwear
- 1 bra
- 2 pairs of socks

In grey bag:
Toiletries (everything but shampoo, planned to use the in-laws one)

Scrubba bag to wash clothes, we use the in-laws cloths line to dry them.
Salewa sweather for the flight.
Flip flop to be used at home.
Paper tissues.

Not pictured: tablet, personal bag and travel clothes.

Things I’m proud of: good planning phase on selecting clothes that can be mixed&matched, few accessories to dress up a bit

Things to improved: I could definitely reduce items more but switching from 21 Celsius degrees to 30 Celsius degrees gave me some trouble.

Things to do next time: left the GR1 in a locker before touring the city. I’m a 1,65 cm high girl and this backpack became too hot on my back making me sweat a lot.

Thank you for all the advices shared in this blog, they truly helped me.



The beautify of Aikido.

Not about Packing Light, but the beautify of Aikido

Basic, waterproof fire starting kit.  Simple, yet versatile with built in redundancy. 

  • Wetfire Tinder - x2
  • Mini Bic lighter - x1
  • Impregnated tinder tabs - x20
  • Light my Fire Ferrocerium Rod and Striker - x1
  • 4”x7” Loksak - x1

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