And to finish the day about light pockets, here’s Leo Babauta’s tips

Continuing with light pockets, here are my tips for simplifying your wallet and make it lighter.

I think what you carry with you every day is as important as what you pack. In my case I like to have my pockets as light as possible. This is what’s usually in my pockets:

  • Saddleback Leather simple wallet
  • Boker Plus Subcom Titan
  • Metolius FS Mini biner
  • iPhone 4 (used to take the picture)

It seems a lot of readers are photographers. A friend, a photographer, sent me this link. It has some nice packing tips for travelling with photo equipment.

From one of my favorite websites: The Art of Manliness

… if you plan on being a well-traveled man, it’s essential that you learn how to effectively pack a bag. You don’t want to bring too much stuff, too little stuff, or have your stuff arrive in a crumpled mess.

“If there is a bottom line, it’s that travelling light is simply a better way to go. You have more time, because packing takes little. You waste less energy hauling stuff. You know what you have, and where everything is (as you pack your bag the same way every time). We’ve all seen those hapless folks at the airport, with too much baggage and panicked expressions, worried that they have lost track of something, or left something behind.”
One Bag

When you think about it, clothing truly is the last barrier between being able to travel light and lugging a sizable bag around airports, taxis, subways, and hotel lobbies. College students and those heading out for single overnights can get by with one or two outfits, but what if you’re staying a bit but still want to economize on baggage?

“Sharpen your packing skills and save yourself loads of travel stress. Choose light, wrinkle-free fabric clothing. Make sure that some of your clothing does double-duty: a sarong can be used as a skirt and beach cover-up.”
Travel Wisdom, National Geographic


mistressofthelabyrinth asked:

hey, I love your site! I don't know if this will be answered, but I was wondering:

I'm going on a day trip to new york city, by bus with ym roommate. We're going for an event and will probably be doing an extensive amount of walking, but I need my camera and possibly my computer to continue my novel on the four hour bus ride over. What do you think I should pack, in preparation for weather and/or emergencies?


A day trip? Well, other than whatever you will wear to the event, bring slip-on or other comfortable shoes that you can store in the backpack, and a change of clothing if you want to get into every day clothing (assuming the “event” requires a more dressy attire). Just bring a simple backpack and stash your camera and laptop there.
Don’t forget your rain jacket.