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A friend and I want to do the pacific crest trail, but I don't want to go bankrupt getting all the latest and greatest. I know lightweight gear pays off, and I'm not one to pack a teddy bear and a cashmere sweater, but minimal (as funny as it is) can be expensive. Any suggestions on how I can go about getting gear without breaking my bank account?


The obvious answer is gear exchange. REI, MEC (in Canada but ship to the US), GearX and other stores have whole section of gear exchange: you can exchange your used in good condition gear for someone else’s gear or buy 2nd hand in good condition gear. I did it in the past and it saved me a lot of money.

Another thing you can do is figure out what you need and try to combine items, for example: I like good coffee, even if i am on the trail, so I decided i needed a French press and a mug for my coffee. Instead of buying a French press and a coffee separatelly (about $45 totals) I bought a mug that comes with an attached French press in REI. Total price: $23.

Hope this help

A few posts ago I was asked about packing light tips for women. That post got lost (technical difficulties) but I found this video that, in spite of being a little too commercial for my taste, does have some nice tips.

(by the way, some of the tips are good for us guys too!)

Packing for a backpacking trip can be daunting for the first timers. How to pack and what to pack? While part of it comes from experience, travelers should not worry too much about bringing the wrong stuffs, not bringing the right stuffs or packing it the wrong way. At most, there would be some minor inconvenience to your trip, surely nothing too detrimental to the enjoyment of your overseas holidays.

Jennifer sent me this link. Plenty of pictures and tips. Thanks Jennifer!

Packing light guidelines

Anna Brones writes in 10 Steps to Packing Better for Your Next Trip a very short and handy list of things to consider when trying to pack light:

  • Pick the right bag
  • Utilize stuff-sacks
  • Mix and match
  • Choose quick dry items
  • Bring one nice outfit
  • Low maintenance clothing
  • The right primary footwear
  • Flip flops
  • The necessary extra: a first aid kit
  • For the trip home (extra)

I think it’s a nice way to start. Read the article. It’s simple and very informative.

First of all, if you travel with your spouse you can bring unisex toiletries, like shower gel or perfume. Instead of buying travel size toiletries, buy some small bottles and fill then with what you need (it’s way cheaper). If you don’t want to carry any with you, buy them in Greece.

Good advice.

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In my travels, I sometimes have need to take iPhone/iPad/Laptop, compact camera equipment, office clothing (not suits, but presentable), casual wear and some SCUBA equipment. I hate checking bags and all of those things I consider too important to trust to the airlines. I'm considering something like the Patagonia MLC as one bag, but I have no clue what to use as my "personal item". I'd love something that could carry all of my electronic goods, maximizes the space under the seat in front of me, but also could be manageable enough to use as my around-town bag (with camera, ipad) when I get to my destination. Any suggestions?


Yes, read this post.


im-always-sleepy asked:

I'm about to go to a military school selection for 6 days.
Any tips on what to bring?


Oh that brings memories…

I don’t know what the selection you are going to entails, but if it’s anything like the one I went through then that means you’ll be sweating a lot, you’ll be wet a lot, you’ll be muddy, dirty and cold. So, bring the following for 6 days since this is not a normal situation:

  • 6 pairs of underwear. You’ll be less miserable with a fresh pair each day
  • 6 pairs of socks. The same apply here.
  • 3 thirts. I am not sure about this one. I didn’t have time to change in the one I went through until the 5th day so…
  • 2 pairs of either shorts or running pants.
  • 1 pair of very very comfortable shoes.
  • lots of band-aids for blisters and the cuts you will have.
  • if it’s cold out there bring 3 or 4 handwarmers, the ones you shake and they stay warm for 12 hours. A must have.

I hope this help. Let me know how it went.

A Week Back Home.

im just taking one bag for the week and in it is

two cardigans

four shirts (i have two  more back home)

three pairs of socks and two pairs of boxers (again ive got more pairs at home)


sketchbook and manuals

two belts

two pairs of PERSCRIPTION glasses for all you fucking hipster cunts who where fake glasses






3 rolls of film

a pair of jeans

a pair of brogues

and a pair of boots

i wont have to carry the boots, hat, jeans and one cardi though as ill be wearing them

one scarfe

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“Packing light offers less tangible but very real benefits. It’s a chance to pare down and simplify our lives, to discover what is truly essential and what is not. It’s a reminder that we’re more than the sum of our possessions.”