Most of us are accustomed to a certain living standard and comfort level. When we begin backpacking, climbing, hiking, or whatever, in the backcountry, we often attempt to take that standard and corresponding comfort with us. Consequently, we each have our stories of laboring under heavy packs, and hopefully, each of us has learned ways to shed some of that weight. If not, or if you want to join me in shedding more weight, read on.

“He who would travel happily must travel light.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Submitted by Inhll

Light Haiku for Trips

by Maggie Marie Dougherty

Pack light and remain
open to light in people
who bless you with smiles.

(via Zen Habits)

“Pack as light as possible. Ask the simple question: “Do I want it or do I need it and if I need it am I will to cart it around?” There is little you really need when you travel.”

When you travel, do you want to be as light as possible? A light bag, and a light itinerary?
Many of us have had the nightmare experience of lugging around too much luggage, waiting in the baggage claims area, trying to cram too many activities into each day, and generally being so stressed that we need a vacation when we get home.
Instead, simplify your travel.

Submitted by Paul, Thanks!

Julia asked me if I know a good mid size pack specifically for women.

Yes, the Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker ND60. It’s really spacious, can be used as a backpack or a duffle bag and is weather resistant.

The Dirtbag Diaries has a cool short on packing:

Whether you’re going to the crag for the day or embarking on a long adventure overseas, packing is a fact of life. Some of us make lists, others calculate every ounce, and still others throw every possible thing that might be needed into the back of the truck. Best to be prepared after all. When writer and biker Dean Campbell packs he “always forgets one thing and always brings too much to read.” Can your packing style influence how you experience a new place? After traveling by bike for four months through Africa, Dean understands that what we bring dictates what we take home from our distant travels.

Traveling light with a baby, is it possible?

My wife and I pack light. We enjoy the freedom that packing light gives you, the ability to just adapt to anything or change your plans on the spot and go for a hike instead of going directly to a hotel for example.
Before the baby we would pack a carry on bag each with all we need and that would be it. It was light, simple and problem-free.

When the baby was born and we started travelling: to weddings, to visit family in Ohio, to visit friends in California, etc, things changed. We adapted a bit, we packed only one bag for both of us (still a carry-on) because we needed to accommodate for the baby stuff. Basically I became a Sherpa over night. My wife would carry the baby and I would carry:

  • Our bag
  • The baby’s stroller
  • The baby’s car seat
  • The baby’s bag, a big bag (bigger than ours) with clothing, toiletries, extra diapers, toys, extra wipes, etc, etc, etc
  • The baby’s diaper bag (the size of a big carry-on)

How come a person so small required so much!?

Anyway, usually when I am alone with the baby and we go somewhere I tend to be very light, and as you know I also pack light for traveling and working, yet I still haven’t been able to figure this one out…

And another trip is coming soon… I’ll let you know how it went…

And another article about using tactical packs as a way of traveling light and fast. In this case the GR1 from Goruck, one of my favorite rugged bags out there (yes, I did try it and it lives up to its reputation).