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So… Here’s a chance to win a Kobold Phantom Tactical.

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GORUCK 2015 events are live through June!


The first set of 2015 events have been posted!


Selection update… PS, don’t sign up for this event


sugarcrook asked:

I've done some searching online and came up with nothing. How can I pack a suit and two shirts into a GR2 without getting them wrinkled? To add to the challenge, I wear a 48R jacket. Any insight is appreciated.


Good question. What I use is an Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Sleeve ( and it generally keeps my suit, pants and shirts in good condition. I might have to touch the end of the sleeves a little but it’s a good solution.

Alternatively you can try this method:

I hope this helps


GR Bullet Rucks are back in stock!  In any color you want, as long as it’s black.


Monster and His GR1 to see higher resolution.

Because Monster runs the world.


CC will be earning his first patch in Boston on Nov 1.  I’ll probably jump into that class and there should be some other cool people there too.  Want to join us? Event Link Here

CC is a friend of Pack Light and one of the early supporters of GORUCK. I’m sure he’ll kick ass!