kfred35 asked:

I've come to realize that the biggest space taker when I pack for anything is shoes. I always end up having to take a pair of shoes for going out to social events and a pair of shoes for working out. I have now become determined to find a pair of shoes that either a) looks good enough to be worn out to social events but can still function for running/working out or b) a separate workout shoe that can be compressed and packed much more easily. Any advice on products or resources?


Well, first of all this is a problem that we all have.

My solution usually is in trying to find shoes that have less material and can be compressed. Like the Patagonia Cardon (business casual attire) or the Patagonia EVERmore trail shoe (for working out).

Unfortunately business shoes are hard to pack. 


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Update to the discount policy on GORUCK Original Rucks.  The flat 20% discount on rucks will be going away at midnight tomorrow(4/17 midnight PST).  Colored rucks will be discounted more than 20%, whereas Black rucks will no longer receive a discount.

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Please join me on a minute of silence


Please join me on a minute of silence to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon terror attack.

Last year I wrote:

t’s time to be strong now. It’s time to remember those that are no longer with us and hope for the wounded. Then we need to return to our lives. We need to show the terrorists that they cannot disrupt the freedom we have.


“Never use a wheelie suitcase. A man carries his luggage.”
— Usually in a GR1 or GR2… (via muddybadger)


elscorcho216 asked:

greetings, what is a good travel towel that you would recommend that dries fast and packs well in a travel backpack?


I prefer PackTowl.


You could pay $25 to check a suitcase. Or you could pack half as much and have your laundry done for you. This pile cost me just $3.87 in notoriously expensive Hong Kong.

Submitted by tortugabackpacks

The experiences and emotions of wilderness bow hunting can be difficult to describe to the uninitiated. It is an often deeply private, awe-inspiring, even mystical adventure where a “Walk in the Mountains” can change your life forever. This short film from Colin Ruggiero uses intense camera angles and inspired editing to evoke the incredible beauty, the epic scope, and the intangible joys of an archery hunt deep in the mountains of Montana.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It system makes one-bag travel simple and convenient.